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Nikola  about his work.




Wrought iron. Metal. 

This is my material. 
My family tradition. 
This is me. 

Past. Future. Present. 

In my work I want to push the boundaries, to go beyond them, that they do not respect.

I was born in 1981 in Belgrade. My first contact with art was in the childhood with sculptor B.Belic who worked like scenographer in Jugoslovenian Dramatic theatre in Belgrade and who teach me to draw. In my father workshop for wrought iron, I learn about metals and mostly about forging and wrought iron modeling as many useful things about furniture and useful objects. My father learned from Italian and Germans wrought iron catalogs of products.  
How to watch, what is most important in the visual world, how to drawing and painting I have a luck to teach from the great master of realism  Nedjo Goga. After that, I graduated in 2011 from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade department of sculpture and learn about sculpture, space and third dimension. In faculty I had luck to learn from great professors, great people and great sculptors: Marko Ladjusic, Zorica Jankovic, and Svetozar Mirkov, like many others.  All that experience and hard work are sublimated in the works that I produced for now.

In the photography below are the works from my father forgery.

kovano gvozdje - wrought iron



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In the proces of forging - Dule and my father Dobrosav.

In the proces of forging - Dule and my father Dobrosav.

kovano gvozdje -wrought iron
kovano gvozdje - wrought iron
krevet kovano gvozdje - wrought iron bed


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kovano gvozdje - wrought iron
kovano gvozdje - wrought iron
kapija kovano gvozdje - wrought iron gate